Do you remember our friend Paolo and his hurdy-gurdy? He rejoiced us a few years ago with this ancient instrument at the inauguration of the exhibition by Giovanni Brambilla. Now Paolo with other friends has opened a brewery, the Ghironda Brewery in fact. They produce a beer that in our opinion, as we are not connoisseurs, is very good, light and very particular. We decided to let you taste it. So on Sunday we will listen again to the melodious and engaging music of the hurdy-gurdy and the group of musicians who will accompany Paolo and then taste the 4 types of the Ghironda beer with a theme dinner prepared by Cinzia.

Paolo told us:

But why a hurdy-gurdy in a craft brewery?

Simple: we love music, as much as we love beer! Two passions that unite the members of the Ghironda Brewery. The hurdy-gurdy: an instrument that is lost in the mists of time of European culture and whose first traces date back to the IX-X century. Evolving over time, this instrument has spread throughout Europe and has reached us today. And still lives. And thanks to modern violin making, it still evolves. Beer: a very ancient art, the one that brings barley to become the drink that we all know today. Already known in Mesopotamia, it was appreciated by the Egyptians. A drink, in short, loved since ancient times, reached up to modern days, developing in countless different styles and tastes. IPA, Stout, Pils or Blanche, just to mention some... to each his own, but anyway: Beer! From these two common passions our idea of creating a micro brewery was born: at the beginning it was only an evening pastime, then the desire to deepen the concepts and the brewing technique pushed us to caress this idea, which today takes shape.

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